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Questions & Answers

The following is a selection of the most common questions we are asked about newsroom. These include, general questions, technical details and information about data protection.

General questions

In this section you will find answers to general questions about using newsroom.

Which newsroom version does my company need?

We offer three newsroom versions: “Studio,” “Atelier,” and “Campus.

“Studio” is optimal for small communications and marketing departments and agencies with 1 to 3 users. We have developed a compact solution for all those who consider the planning of communication activities and events with spreadsheets to be suboptimal and are looking for a practical tool for planning, production, and publication of communication content from a single source – which also fits into small budgets.

“Atelier” is designed for medium-sized communications and marketing departments and agencies with 1 to 15 users. This version provides the framework for managing demanding tasks in integrated communications with more than a handful of formats, channels, and target groups. It links the work and ideas of communications departments and specialist functions as well as market managers. “Atelier” includes the creator4newsroom editorial module to create, edit, coordinate, translate, release, and publish content.

“Campus” is designed for large and globally operating companies, administrations, and associations with complex structures as well as agencies with an internationally oriented customer portfolio. In intensive dialog with the experts from media.works and Enodia Software, a tailor-made framework for the confident management of the most demanding tasks in the planning and management of integrated communications and newsrooms is created. This enables transparent and efficient exchange between communications and specialist departments, market managers, event managers, marketing functions, and key account management as well as top management. Skillful orchestration makes effective use of resources – and creates scope for creative content development.

What does it cost to use newsroom?

“Studio” is available from €39.90 per user per month. Example: Three users cost €119.70 per month or €1,436.40 per year – including a server with 1GB of memory and software updates. For this price there is no comparable offer.

“Atelier” is available from €69.90 per user per month. Example: For 10 users, we ask € 699 per month or € 8,388 per year – including a server with 5 GB of memory and software updates. This sum pays for itself very quickly, e.g. by avoiding duplication of work and costly quick-shot operations through high transparency.

“Campus” costs €99.90 per user per month. Example: For 35 users, €3,496.50 per month or €41,958 per year is charged – including a server with 25 GB of storage, software updates, SSO option, individual interface connection, and 24 consulting and training hours per year. This price equates to less than an average paid communications management position.

In addition, we offer custom solutions for very large communications departments. Example: An international corporation wants to host newsroom on its own server, activate SSO (“single sign-on”), and create various interfaces to content management systems (CMS) and social media channels. More than 100 users are active in the system. In this case, the costs in continuous operation can remain within the scope of the “Campus” pricing model, despite comprehensive and sophisticated customization.

Can I buy newsroom?

No, newsroom is provided exclusively via a license model. This is the best way to use newsroom individually with a high degree of flexibility and eliminates the maintenance effort for the customer.

Are the hosting costs for newsroom included in the offer?

The external hosting cost yes, the cost of an internal hosting by its nature can not be. In the case of internal hosting, the license fee remains unchanged. The storage volume included in the price varies depending on the version.


Is there a usage contract/agreement?

As a rule, our customers have standard contracts with their IT and purchasing departments that regulate the use of newsroom. If this is not the case for you, we will be happy to send you our sample contract.

How long is the contract period for the use of newsroom?

The standard contract term is one year, which is extended by one year at a time without notice. Separate agreements are possible for the “Atelier” and “Campus” versions. Price reductions are possible for longer contract terms.

Is there a service level agreement or support agreement in place?

As a rule, we define these individually with each customer. As a standard, we offer e-mail support, which is available on weekdays during office hours. In the “Campus” version, a chat service is added that is available on weekdays during office hours. For individual versions, embedding the support in a customer helpdesk is also possible.

Do you have a confidentiality agreement?

Yes, we will be happy to send this to you on request. We can alternatively sign a corresponding agreement from your company.

Does newsroom need to be installed on the PC/laptop?

No, newsroom is web-based and can be used via any common web browser (e.g. Edge, Chrome, Firefox).

Can newsroom be hosted on one of our company's servers?

Yes, but only in an individual version. Just talk to us, we will find a solution together.

Does newsroom also offer single sign-on (SSO)?

Yes, but generally only from the “Atelier” version.

We can offer an SSO solution with MS Azure. Please simply contact us about this. Then we will clarify the details and provide you with an offer.

Is there rights management in newsroom?

Yes. newsroom is designed in principle for high transparency of planning and content for all users, but at the same time offers a clear rights structure. This is mapped in six “roles”:

  • The “Administrator” has full access to the entire system (including the backend) and all data. This role is only available to the development team at Enodia Software or customer support through media.works.
  • “Editor-in-Chiefs” have access rights to all functions in the backend relevant to manage newsroom (e.g. entries in the tag list, mapping of the organizational structure, user profiles, event and activity types) as well as all operational functions (e.g. creation of new topics, activities, assignment of tasks to “owners”).
  • “Editors” have access to their own profile settings as well as their own tasks. For example, an editor can create new activities and events and edit them, but cannot create new tags or topics or assign tasks to other “owners”.
  • A “Visitor” has read-only rights in the system.
  • An “Expert” can only be assigned in the creator4newsroom editorial module..
  • A “Translator” can only be assigned in the creator4newsroom editorial module.

Can I create content in newsroom that not everyone is allowed to see?

Yes, we use the newsroom principle that one or more “owners” must be assigned to each topic. A click on “Confidential” makes the topic and the associated campaigns, activities, and events visible only for the defined “owners” – all other users do not know that the topic and its campaigns, activities and events exist. This feature is only available in individual versions.

In which languages is newsroom available?

We offer newsroom in German and English by default. Other languages can be implemented in individual versions on request.

Can I create content in newsroom?

Yes, newsroom allows you to plan any number of content types (“activity types”) and produce them using the integrated creator4newsroom editorial module from the “Atelier” version onwards. Individual templates can be created and used for content production. 

Can I approve content in newsroom?

Yes. In the creator4newsroom editorial module, both newsroom users and “experts” can be invited to check content, e.g. for technical or financial details and citations used, or to collaborate on the content of an activity or approval.

Can I publish content directly from newsroom?

Yes, with the integrated editorial module creator4newsroom. The standard interfaces include e.g. Swat.io and beekeeper. Other interfaces can be developed upon request (starting with the “Campus” version). creator4newsroom has a Word export function.

Can I map communication processes in newsroom?

newsroom has a status selection and display in all versions. There are three process groups: “Start”, “Edit”, “Finish”. Each group can contain two individual process steps and color codes, for example: “Proposal for conference”, “Proposal accepted”, “In progress”, “1st approval”, “management approval”, “prefinal”, “final”, and “finished”. Correspondingly, newsroom displays the current status with a corresponding color code for each topic, campaign, activity, and event, as well as for all tasks. This makes it possible to see at a glance where something is still “stuck” or whether everything is “green”.

creator4newsroom has its own process stages that comprise the usual production steps of content creation, revision, review, approval, translation, and publication. These are mapped 1:1 in the activities area of newsroom.

Can I export appointments and tasks from newsroom?

Yes. newsroom has an export function to MS Outlook starting at the “Atelier” version.

How will I know when there is new information for me in newsroom?

newsroom offers various information channels:

Comments can be attached to each activity in a kind of “chat function”


In addition, newsroon contains a “notification” tool that displays all information relevant to the individual user – e.g. new tasks, changes to existing activities, new comments, status changes, etc.

In addition, individual settings can be activated for all forms of information, including e-mail notifications.

Can I create or activate external users in newsroom?

This is possible without any problems in the newsroom versions hosted by us – for example, employees of commissioned PR agencies can be seamlessly integrated as “editors” or translation service providers as “translators”. In the case of newsroom versions hosted by customers themselves, the integration of external users can be problematic or even impossible due to firewall settings. In both cases, we recommend two-factor authentication (2FA).

Do I have to configure and set up newsroom myself?

newsroom is designed in such a way that any user group can set up the system without any special prior knowledge. But of course, the newsroom team at media.works will support you in setting it up.

In practice, it has been shown that a one-day practical workshop with up to ten participants, is the most efficient way to optimally adapt the respective newsroom version to the processes and workflows of the respective organization.

Are there trainings for newsroom users?

newsroom is designed in such a way that users can quickly orient themselves and get started immediately without any special prior knowledge. Our credo is “You can’t go wrong in newsroom!”. But of course, we offer online as well as on-site training sessions. Just get in touch with us.

Is there also a "hotline" for newsroom?

Starting with the newsroom version “Campus”, a chat function is integrated, which users can use to contact the media.works team every workday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to clarify questions directly. In the “Atelier” version, we offer support via e-mail. Integration into helpdesk support systems is possible on an individual basis. Just contact us to find out which solution is best for your company!

Technical details

In this section, you will find answers to technical questions about using newsroom that are primarily relevant to your company’s IT department.

How do you ensure the security (availability, confidentiality and integrity) of the information in the software?

We ensure availability, confidentiality and integrity via the technical and organizational measures for newsroom and the technical and organizational measures of the data center. We will be happy to provide you with both documents on request.

Is the software being further developed and kept technically up-to-date to ensure long-term usability in a technically changing environment?

Yes. Smaller updates are installed every 2 weeks. Larger updates, which for example contain new functionalities for the users, are installed in accordance with our customers.

How do you ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain access to the data in the software?

Access to newsroom is enabled via an encrypted channels (https) and via access controls (username/password). newsroom writes every failed login attempt to a log file. If there are repeated failed login attempts for a valid username or account, after the fifth attempt the account is deactivated for a period of five minutes and the administrator is informed.
In addition, the technical and organizational measures of the German TÜV-certified data center we use come into play.

newsroom offers 2-factor authentication, which we strongly recommend activating or using.

How is data backup organized?

The data backup is done continuously with full backups. The backup is stored twice in each case. If there are further requirements here from customer side, these can be set up.
Full backups of the server are created every 24 hours.
In addition, full backups of the database are created before updates are applied. In consultation with the customer, further backups can be created.


Where is the backup stored? In the same building(s) as the servers?

The backups are stored in a secure, off-site location. The backups are available online from anywhere. A restore is possible via us or the data center during normal operating hours.

How long does it take to restore the database after a server failure?

This depends on the cause of the server failure, so we cannot make a specific statement here. If you need more information on this, please contact us and we will clarify your questions together with the provider of the data center we use.


How far back does the backup go?

Internally: Data and changes are traceable to the beginning of the system (archive function).
The server backups are each available for the past 14 days.

How is continuous accessability to newsroom ensured?

The data stored in newsroom is located on servers in a German TÜV-certified data center or in a data center designated by the respective customer. Accordingly, availability levels are close to 100 percent; in addition, the connection to several network nodes is ensured. If internal hosting is desired, the SLA times agreed with or commissioned by the respective customer will apply.

Is permanent monitoring of server availability guaranteed so that countermeasures can be initiated immediately in the event of a malfunction?


What was the actual availability of the application in the past?

Availability is 99.9%.

Can individual files/entries be restored?

No. Once entries have been deleted, they cannot be recovered. However, this is possible in individual versions on request.

How much volume is available to store data?

On the server: Currently, we have defined 1 GB as the volume limit for the “Studio” version, 10 GB for the “Atelier” version, and 50 GB for the “Campus” version. This can be adjusted individually in consultation with the customer.
System internal: 5MB per file that can be uploaded to activities. This file size can also be adjusted individually after consultation.

What happens when the available data volume is used up?

The customer receives a notification when 80% is reached. The purchase of additional data volume is possible by arrangement.

How would updates and new releases be provided and applied in the case of "on-premises hosting"?

We need the (usual) access to the administration of the server to install updates. Accesses are made from static IP addresses and can thus be allowed with appropriate firewall rules. Ideally, we receive a VPN connection for this purpose, so that we can also access the application in case of support.

Which database is to be used for "on-premises hosting"?

MySQL Server and PHP from version 7.2.

Do firewall rules need to be adjusted for "on-premises hosting"?

For “on-premises hosting” the IP addresses of media.works and the update & license server must be shared, ports 22 / 443 (SSH access and HTTPS).

What hardware requirements are necessary to use "newsroom"?

We recommend:
– Memory: 16 GB RAM
– Hard disk: 10 GB HDD
– Processor: current generation, e.g. Intel Quad Core Xeon E5
– Monitors: Full HD resolution

What software requirements are necessary to use newsroom?

newsroom can be used in the most popular Internet browsers, i.e. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Edge – in each case in the latest versions.

Are further installations such as JAVA necessary on the client side?

No additionally installed software is required on the clients.

Can 2-factor authentication be set up?

2-factor authentication is included in all versions.

Which technology is used to design interfaces to newsroom?

In principle, it is possible to connect any system to newsroom, since newsroom is usually the “leading” system. We offer SOAP and WSDL as APIs. Standard interfaces are available, for example, to the employee app Beekeeper and to dpa-Agenda.

Is newsroom Unicode-capable?


Data protection

In this section you will find answers to questions about data protection and newsroom.

What personal data is collected in newsroom?

– Username, e-mail address, first and last name, time of entries
– Voluntary information: other first names, job title
– When creating entries, the username and time are logged.

Where and how long is this data kept?

Until the database is deleted.

What protective features does newsroom offer to help prevent data breaches?

Access to newsroom is only possible with a personalized log-in. Users can only be created by an administrator. In addition, you will be assigned appropriate permissions. Only administrators have access to the user directory.

Is there a code of conduct on data protection?

Yes. We have set up a corresponding data protection management system at our company, which includes, among other things, a general data protection guideline.

What technical and organizational measures have you implemented to protect our data?

We have compiled an extensive list of our technical and organizational measures. We will be happy to provide this to you on request.

What is the authorization concept of newsroom?

In newsroom there are the roles Administrator, Editor-in-Chief, Editor and Visitor, and in the content creation area Experts and Translators. Administrators from Enodia Software and media.works have full access to the backend of the system. An Editor-in-Chief can make all changes in the backend necessary to control the day-to-day work and organizational structures. Editors only have access to their respective user profiles in the backend. Experts and translators only have access to their respective user profiles and the tasks assigned to them; they cannot see any planning data in the system.

How is it ensured that users only have access to information for which they have access rights?

The personalized login ensures that only authorized users have access to newsroom. In addition, each user is assigned corresponding authorization with his or her role in the system. These can be further restricted by assigning them to a unit or a market. These settings are managed centrally by an administrator.

How is it ensured that unauthorized users do not create, modify or delete information?

The personalized login ensures that only authorized users have access to newsroom. Users are created and managed centrally by an administrator or, depending on customer requirements, Editor-in-Chief. In addition, an Editor-in-Chief can change or delete topics, events, activities in the frontend and structural information such as units, tags, markets, languages, etc. in the backend. Editors can only change or delete the topics, events or activities for which they are entered as the “owner” and have thus been given the corresponding rights.

What are the server locations?

The servers are located exclusively in Germany.

Is data transmitted encrypted?

Yes, using SSL encryption.

Is it ensured that data from newsroom can be migrated or exported to another tool at the end of the contract period?

Yes, after termination of the contract we allow further access to the system for three months. However, data can then no longer be entered, edited or deleted (read-only access). Data exports are possible, e.g. via Excel or Word. After the expiration of the three months, the data will be irrevocably destroyed according to the data protection guidelines, including the backups (as far as technically possible).

Which data would be taken out of newsroom for such a migration and which data would be inevitably deleted?

In principle, all data can be migrated. There may be restrictions in the versioning of content. However, the content itself can be exported to a standard database format (e.g. Excel) or as content files (e.g. Word). The respective customer is and remains the owner of the data. media.works provides the application for data processing through newsroom.

Is it possible for us to check/audit compliance with the agreements/statements made if necessary?

We would be happy to assist you with an appropriate audit.

Further questions?

Chat with us! Just click on the chat icon in the lower left corner of the screen.