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Hello and welcome, esteemed users of newsroom!

On the following pages of this “User Guide” you will find information about the most important functions of “newsroom” – and how to use them effectively. We have set up “newsroom” in such a way that you can operate it intuitively, but of course we know that sometimes there could be the need for some orientation.

On our website www.newsroom.works you will also find some “explanatory videos” on individual functions of “newsroom”. A little tip to start off with: You really can just go ahead and try out “newsroom”, as you really can‘t “break” anything.

And as a word of encouragement: You don‘t have to be an “IT expert” or understand rocket science to get the best out of “newsroom”, but you should at least have a solid grasp of the basics of communication and its planning.

We wish you a lot of fun and success with “newsroom”!

All the best, your “newsroom” team