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Basically, “newsroom” maps the communications cycle and at the same time adapts to the processes of your communications team. The planning is always based on a “Topic” that is relevant and suitable for the positioning of your company, your union or public authority. Such topics can be of an overarching nature, such as “digitization”, “electromobility”, “healthy nutrition”, “training in example city”, or “research into gravitational waves”.

Especially in the communication departments of smaller companies or PR agencies, “Topics” can also be more fragmented and address a (new) product, a project, or an activity/campaign.

“Campaigns” are linked to “Topics”. “Campaigns” address partial aspects of the respective “Topic”. Here is an example: A company is planning a new plant for electronics production. The “Topic” is: „New electronics plant in city X“.

The “Campaigns” are addressing the communication of the respective sub-aspects:

  • “Campaign” to announce the project.
  • “Campaign” for the laying of the foundation stone.
  • “Campaign” for the topping-out ceremony.
  • “Campaign” for completion and trial run.
  • “Campaign” after completion of the first year of production.

Each “Campaign” contains communication activities (such as press release, speech, presentations, social media posts) and “Events” (e.g. press conference, inauguration ceremony, factory tour, etc.).

The communication “Activities“ are linked to content elements that can be published in any form.

The publication is followed by the impact measurement. This is where tools by media analysis companies connected via an interface to “newsroom” come into play.