These questions are asked by parties interested in newsroom in almost every conversation:  “What is special about newsroom? What can newsroom do, what other tools can’t?” Our answer: newsroom can simultaneously

  • map the structures of small organizations as well as complex (matrix and market) communication organizations likewise,
  • form an intelligent network of any number of employees and departments,
  • address all elements of the communication cycle and enable operational work down to the detail,
  • orchestrate and implement the production, reconciliation, translation and publication of any number of formats for as many channels as you wish.

Of course, there are fantastic programs to manage social media activities. Of course, there are great applications for project management. Of course, there are impressive editorial and content management systems for print and online. However, we have not yet found a tool that, like newsroom, combines all of the elements mentioned above with an exclusive focus on the practical and efficient implementation of integrated communication.

We have developed newsroom as practitioners for practitioners with – partly painful – experiences in mind. We have learned from and with our customers and will continue to do so. Because, naturally, newsroom is far from finished. This cannot be the case, simply because the communication cycle never stands still – and therefore we do not, either.